Previous research with the Gambling Functional Assessment – Revised (GFA-R) has found that respondents endorse gambling for positive reinforcement significantly more than as an escape, but that endorsing gambling as an escape is more closely associated with potential gambling problems than is endorsing gambling for positive reinforcement. The present study attempted to replicate these results in a sample of potential problem/pathological gamblers. Data from 25 respondents who scored three or more on the South Oaks Gambling Screen (SOGS) were analyzed. These participants scored significantly higher on the GFA-R positive reinforcement, than the escape, subscale. However, only GFA-R escape subscale scores were significantly correlated with SOGS scores. Both GFA-R subscales were significant predictors of reporting negative consequences related to one’s gambling, as measured by the Problem Gambling Severity Index, but again endorsing gambling as an escape was the strongest predictor. The present results therefore indicate that prior results from studies that have relied on samples that consisted of largely nonproblem gamblers are replicable in a sample of potential problem or pathological gamblers



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