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I started writing for the St. Cloud Times in 1980 and continued sending monthly features to the paper until 1994. My subjects dovetailed with my classes in preservation, architectural history, and popular culture. When I arrived in St. Cloud in 1978, I discovered that the city’s vintage architecture was in danger of demolition, including a key landmark, the 1902 Beaux-Art Carnegie Library. I helped organize a preservation group and later a Heritage Preservation Commission that were organized to protect other buildings from being lost. Teaching classes on preservation subjects, and writing about these topics made a strong career for me as a new faculty member. No one to my knowledge had set a goal at SCSU to cover the subjects I was researching at that time or later.

Some subjects that a researcher might find useful in my two volumes are: 1. The role of people in our community who were willing to organize a preservation group to save what was left of St. Cloud’s architectural landmarks. 2. Identification of landmarks that must at all costs be saved, e.g., the Masonic Temple by Cass Gilbert in downtown St. Cloud. 3. Recognition of landmarks in Central Minnesota that might have been passed by because of their ordinary appearance. Landmarks included log buildings and vernacular houses.

Individual subjects that are useful for research:

Volume 1: Earth, Wood, Stone

  • Central Minnesota History
  • St. Cloud Founders
  • Samuel Pandolfo, Inventor of the Pan auto
  • Ethnic Groups
  • Downtown St. Cloud
  • Disasters
  • Farms
  • St. Cloud Houses
  • Ghosts
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Landmarks

William Morgan arrived at St. Cloud State as a faculty member in 1978 and retired in 2000 as professor emeritus.



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Central Minnesota History, St. Cloud Founders, Samuel Pandolfo, Ethnic Groups, Downtown St. Cloud, Disasters, Farms, St. Cloud Houses, Ghosts, Churches, Schools, Landmarks

Earth, Wood, Stone: Central Minnesota Lives and Landmarks (Volume 1)