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Submissions from 2023


In Vivo Potentiation of Muscle Torque is Enhanced in Female Mice through Estradiol-Estrogen Receptor Signaling, Gengyun Le, Cory W. Baumann, Dawn A. Lowe, and Gordon L. Warren

Submissions from 2022


Phylogenomic discordance suggests polytomies along the backbone of the large genus Solanum, Angela McDonnell, Edeline Gagnon, Rebecca Hilgenhof, Andres Orejuela, Gaurav Sablok, Xavier Aubriot, Leandro Giacomin, Yuri Gouvea, Thamyris Bragionis, Joao Renato Stehmann, Lynn Bohs, Steven Dodsworth, Christopher Martine, Peter Poczai, Sandra Knapp, and Tiina Sarkinen


Solanum scalarium (Solanaceae), a newly-described dioecious bush tomato from Judbarra/Gregory National Park, Northern Territory, Australia, Angela McDonnell, Tanisha Williams, Jonathan Hayes, Jason T. Cantley, Peter Jobson, and Christine Martine

Submissions from 1999


Plant Phenology in Central Minnesota, Max Partch