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From Scooby Doo and Nancy Drew to the countless other detectives that fill children’s bookshelves and television programs, it is clear that children are fascinated with solving crimes. As a result, a chemistry professor who performs outreach activities at local elementary schools exploited this interest in mysteries as a method to spark curiosity in science. This was accomplished through the development of an outreach activity in which students solve a mystery using density and fingerprint analysis.


NOTE: This is a PDF of the article as originally published in the Science and Children. It is archived here with the kind permission of the National Science Teachers Association. The original version was published as:

Mechelke, Mark F., and Allissa Dillman (2008). "The Case of the Missing Music." Science and Children, January, 2008. Available to subscribers at

NOTE: Allissa Dillman was a student in CHEM 489 - Independent Study and conducted the research for this article under the guidance of Dr. Mark Mechelke.

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