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Research Study

Publication Date

Spring 2018


Stearns County Community Corrections is looking for the likelihood for offenders to be re-incarcerated within ninety days to three years after the last contact between the agent and the client. All of the clients were separated by year and categorized by whether their initial crime was Domestic Violence or DWI. Many of these clients had multiple observations for cases that were reduced to include only the case with the agent that they worked with the longest.

It was found that the re-incarceration rate for both Domestic and DWI had a decrease of approximately 75% over the course of four years. These results do not seem to fit with what is expected from this population of offenders. Multiple clients were included in different years when there should have only been one listing of each client with a final effective date. It is likely that there was an error when the data was pulled from the system. Our hypothesis is that clients who had an effective date and their case with corrections was closed, reoffended and their case was reopened. These clients may not be listed in the data set. This would take out a large number of those clients who reoffended recently and skew the results to include less reoffenders as it gets closer to the current year.