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Research Study

Publication Date

Spring 2018


Stearns County Community Corrections surveyed its Clients for a month on the Client-Agent working relationship. The responses were on a 7-point scale with 1 being the lowest and 7 the highest. For ease of analysis, the responses were divided into low (1-3), medium (4-5) and high (6-7). The results were analyzed by question, program, age, gender, race, supervision time, and individual Agent. All results are available in table and graph form in the appendix. Lastly, Stearns County Community Corrections was compared to Ramsey County Community Corrections. Given the data available, a different categorization was used with low (1-3), medium (4), and high (5-7). Stearns County Community Corrections was rated four to eight percent better in the high category, but one to four percent worse in the low category. This analysis will be used to improve how Stearns County Community Corrections relates with its Clients. The survey will be given again, and the results reanalyzed in the future.