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Richard M. Rothaus

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Don L. Hofsommer

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Kurt Kragness

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Debra L. Gold

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Creative Commons License
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History of St. Cloud State University, History of James W. Miller Learning Resources Center, SCSU Burial Site


The James Miller Leaming Resource Center is a public and educational institution established in 2000. Many students today may not know that a human skull was discovered during the construction of the library in January of 1999. ln fact. numerous graves were found at this site, with some having skeletal remains.

There are many stories to tell from past occupants of this block. This. thesis will disclose the historical periods that occurred, how they developed and became an integral part of St. Cloud State University and the larger community. The year 1849 was chosen as the start date for this work because that was the year Minnesota Territory was created and also about the time the government was encouraging settlers to move here. 1869 was approximately the time the businesses moved away from this study area. During those twenty years, this block was within a frontier town and held the first church in St. Cloud and a cemetery.

The exhibition proposal will consist of two parts displayed at two different places. The first part is a brief overview exhibition displayed at the library's front exhibition case to provide context for the three main exhibits by displaying photographs and maps of the main occupants of this block from the time of 1 frontier town to the library. The second part will be a more in-depth display based on the research of the study area from 1849 to 1869 at the library's lobby where there will be three main exhibitions about a frontier town, a church and a cemetery. The goal of the exhibition is to inform the Saint Cloud community especially Saint Cloud State students on the history of what took place at this site that they might not realize, with hope that they will appreciate its history. Also, the exhibit 's intention would be to show how the occupancy of the land changed serving different purposes. The investigation of the historical aspects would be done to provide an introduction to the history of the research area.


The accomplishment of a Master's Degree would not have been possible without the assistance and support of my family and friends. I am truly very grateful for their encouragement and devotion which without, I could not have succeeded in this goal.

I thank God for His grace and blessings that helped me through this and in life. "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 3:14.

I thank Dr. Richard Rothaus, Dr. Don Hofsommer, Dr. Debra Gold and Kurt Kragness for the professional skill and wisdom that they provided as members of my thesis committee. You were flexible and available when I needed you.

I thank Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yap Thian Loy, my parents, for their love, prayers

and support. Your words of wisdom, strength and prayers mean so much to me that I cannot describe in words. Thank you!!

I thank my friends here in the U.S. and Malaysia who kept me in their prayers. Truly, God is good all the time!!©

I thank Lee Anderson and Zach Christoff for their help in mapping and drawing, John Decker for his immense knowledge and Ann Anderson for her patience and helpfulness through it all.

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