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A method for measuring a mechanical property of a subject includes using an ultrasonic transducer to apply ultrasonic vibration pulses to a vibration origin in the subject in an on-off time sequence in order to impart a harmonic motion at a prescribed frequency to the subject, and when the vibration pulses are off, using the same transducer to apply ultrasonic detection pulses to a motion detection point and to receive echo signals therefrom in order to sense the harmonic motion on the subject at the motion detection point. From the harmonic signal information, a harmonic signal is detected and a characteristic such as amplitude or phase of the detected harmonic signal is measured. The mechanical property is calculated using the measured characteristic using for example a wave speed dispersion method.

Patent No.: US 7,753,847

Date of Patent: July 13, 2010

Filed: Sept 28, 2006

Int. Cl.: A61B 8/00 (2006.01)

U.S. Cl.: 600/438; 600/443; 73/574; 73/579; 73/587; 73/609

CPC Cl.: A61B 5/0048 (2013.01); A61B 8/485 (2013.01); A61B 8/00 (2013.01)

Field of Search: 600/438,443; 73/574,579,587,609


Also online at US 7753847.



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