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The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the need for schools to strengthen their relationships with families in order to support remote learning. Framed with the theoretical lens of the traditional partnership model, this paper details the results of a survey completed by 56 Minnesota district level technology directors. The survey asked how school districts were responding to the technology needs of students and families while in hybrid and distance learning models. Three main themes emerged from the survey data: maximizing caregiver support to improve student
learning, increasing attendance and engagement in the online learning environment, and building technology savviness in parents and caregivers. Recommendations for further research include the formation of focus groups with technology directors from Minnesota and beyond. As a growing number of districts offer online schools and there is an increase in families choosing to sustain online learning, it is important to discover how schools and homes can continue to partner together in support of student learning.


The published version of this article appears in TechTrends (2022) and can be found at This is the accepted version.

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