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Educational Administration and Leadership, K-12: Ed.D.


Educational Administration and Higher Education


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Kay Worner

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Roger Worner

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John Eller

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Julie Gartrell Jochum

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License.

Keywords and Subject Headings

Technology, Elementary Classrooms


Statement of the Problem

While there was ample literature highlighting the limited use of interactive technology by teachers, minimal research was located which identified the critical resources and supports that need to be in place in school districts and classrooms to assist teachers in engaging students through interactive technology in the elementary classroom. The findings from this study are intended to provide school and district administrators with information regarding essential resources and supports to assist elementary classroom teachers in their use of interactive technology.

Study Purpose and Overview

The purpose of the mixed-method study was to determine how school and district leaders can provide support and resources to elementary classroom teachers in the implementation and use of interactive technology in the elementary classroom. The study examined resources provided to teachers to actively engage students in using interactive technology in meaningful instruction to increase student engagement, motivation, and ultimately learning outcomes. The following research questions were designed to support these aims:

  1. What resources did select school district superintendents, technology personnel, principals, report were provided to elementary classroom teachers to support use interactive instructional technology in their classrooms?
  2. What did select elementary teachers report as their frequency of use of specific methods of interactive technology in their elementary classrooms?
  3. What resources and supports did select elementary classroom teachers report were essential to implement interactive technology in their elementary classrooms?
  4. What did select elementary teachers identify as the level of importance of the specific district and site resources/supports needed for the integration of interactive technology in the elementary classroom?
  5. What types of interactive technologies did select elementary teachers report were used for assessment, instruction and student activities?

In order to address the research questions, the research questions, the researcher created an online survey that gathered data from 3 school districts, totaling over 120 respondents’ perceptions of their perceptions regarding essential resources and supports needed to effectively implement interactive technology in the elementary classroom. In order to enrich the study findings, one-on-one phone interviews were conducted with six respondents who volunteered to expand upon survey questions with the researcher.

Key Findings

The study results found that Administration, Technology Personnel, as well as Elementary Classroom Teachers valued the use of interactive technology for instructional purposes. Both reported that internet connectivity is a critical component in the school districts surveyed and essential to effective interactive technology implementation.

The survey participants reported a willingness and interest to use technology effectively in their classrooms to provide authentic learning experiences for their students.


This dissertation is dedicated to my family, for their endless support and encouragement throughout this journey. They have been my cheerleaders from the beginning of my journey, always respecting the time commitment needed to make my dream a reality.

I also dedicate this to the classroom teachers who work tirelessly before and after school; building their skills to ensure they are providing students with the most meaningful, effective education. They understand the impact interactive technology can have on students’ learning and are willing to be lifelong learners to provide it for them.

Attitude + Ambition = Achievement



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