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Degree Name

Higher Education Administration: Ed.D.


Educational Administration and Higher Education


School of Education

First Advisor

Steven McCullar

Second Advisor

Christine M. Imbra

Third Advisor

Hsueh-I Lo

Fourth Advisor

Michael Mills

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License.

Keywords and Subject Headings

American Indian, acculturation, participation, satisfaction, student involvement, and acculturation as demonstrated by American Indian college students


This study investigated the patterns of student involvement, the level of satisfaction and acculturation of American Indian college students to determine if a relationship existed between these processes. This study gathered data from 139 students between the ages of 18-54 who self-identify as American Indian. This study included men and women. Four state colleges and universities participated in the study. Data was gathered in the spring semester 2016 using two instruments: the College Student Experience Questionnaire (CSEQ) and the Native American Acculturation scale (NAAS) that were combined on an on-line survey. The data analysis used descriptive statistics, with a T-Test (Independent /Group), Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) a Multiple Regression and a Pearson Product Moment correlation coefficient to measure the relationships between independent and dependent variables of demographics, acculturation, satisfaction, and participation in college activities (academic, non-academic, cultural programs and support services). This study is based on the theories of discontinuity and transculturation.


It is important that I thank those who supported me during my doctoral studies.

First, I want to express my sincere appreciation to my lovely wife, Beth, who has supported me throughout this long endeavor. Your encouragement has meant a lot to me. Next, I would like to thank all my children; Jill, Alex, Erin, Sam and Zoe, for allowing me to spend so much time away to complete my coursework and research. They have listened to me patiently explain over and over the value of life-long learning. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Dr. Steven McCullar, my dissertation advisor and committee chair. I appreciate your guidance and wisdom. I would also like to recognize the rest of my committee: Dr. Christine Imbra, Dr. Michael Mills, and Dr. Hsueh-I Lo. Thank you for your insights; they were valuable to this study and to my doctoral education. Also very worthy of thanks are my friends and colleagues from the second co-hort of the SCSU HIED program; Adam, Brian, Gail, Jodi, Mary, Rita, Xingcai ~ who have supported me throughout this program. It has been an honor sharing this experience with each of you.



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