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Special Studies: M.S.


Human Relations and Multicultural Education


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Julie R. Andrzejewski

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Patricia A. Samuel

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Richard D. Present

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(From the "Introduction")

This manual was created with the philosophy that multicultural education needs to examine the roots of oppression thereby establishing the connections between oppressed groups, and providing skills to enact social change. The manual covers the following areas: oppression, distribution of wealth, racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism. The exercises in this manual certainly do not represent an exhaustive study of all oppression, but do provide a basic understanding that will assist students' analysis of other forms of oppression.

We no longer can pretend that the melting pot ·society exists. We also can no longer allow this theory to be used to perpetuate a system of oppression. The disenfranchised can no longer afford to allow the privileged few to divide us and divert our pursuit of justice. We must continue to break through our own barriers of sexism, racism and classism so that we can truely live in a multicultural world.

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