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Jessica Ostman Oral History

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Jessica Ostman holds an undergraduate degree (1987) and master of Business Administration (1992) from St. Cloud State University. In 1988, Ostman was hired by St. Cloud State’s Residential Life unit and worked there in a variety of roles, including program coordinator, Shoemaker Hall resident director, and associate director.

In 1996, Ostman was hired to be University Programming interim director and appointed permanently to that position in July 1998. Due to reorganization of units in Student Life and Development in 2011, Ostman was hired as director of the department of Campus Involvement, a position she held until her retirement in 2019. Ostman also served as interim director of the Atwood Memorial Center student union from July 2013 to April 2014 and 2018 to 2019.

Transcript Summary:

In an interview conducted by Margaret Vos on August 12, 2014, Ostman discussed her role in planning the Lemonade Concert and Art Fair since 1996. Ostman explained that the plans for Lemonade are detailed and by the minute. She described the role of community member Ginny Tennant, who has been part of the Lemonade Concert and Art Fair since its beginning in 1974, and how Tennant handled recruiting the variety of artists who appeared at this one day event. Ostman also described participation of the St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra at Lemonade. Ostman touched upon attendance, foods that were available, the Little Lemons children area, the town and gown connection between St. Cloud State and the city of St. Cloud, and the effect of Minnesota weather on the event.

Interview by Margaret Vos


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Jessica Ostman oral history interview transcript

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