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This case study describes some tips and lessons learned from a project at St. Cloud State University designed to teach information literacy over the World Wide Web. The information literacy project has two primary components:

  1. Under the auspices of LEO: Literacy Education Online (a project to disseminate resources to improve composition and writing skills), to develop content resources providing guidance in library and internet use and application in research;
  2. Under the Center for Information Media, to disseminate self-paced instructional modules on library and internet use and application in research that could be used in credit-generating courses.

As the two components exhibited considerable overlap, it was decided to develop inter-related resources within a single project environment.


Note: Many of the links noted in this document no longer work; the actual project described in this document was removed from the Web many years ago.

Jeanne Hites is now Jeanne Anderson and continues to teach and research at St. Cloud State University. She can be contacted at

This article was originally presented at the International Society for Performance and Instruction Annual Conference, ISPI '96, held 17-20 April 1996 in Dallas, TX.



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