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ESL for Academic Purposes

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Learning Object

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Spring 3-23-2021


This unit covers the underrepresented history of LGBTQ+ people in the United States by exploring the landmark event: The Stonewall Riots. It primarily focuses on listening and writing domains supported by jigsaw and vocabulary acquisition activities. The use of prepositions, identifying supporting details, and summarizing are also covered. As a final project, students will have the chance to explore an underrepresented event from their own culture. This unit is targeted at high school, college, or adult students at a B2 level or higher on the CEFR scale and incorporates the use of technology. The content in the unit will serve as an introduction to LGBTQ+ history but is in no way a full or complete representation of this community. Please be aware if teaching in a country where attitudes are not favorable of LGBTQ+ rights.