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Performance Testing Barcelona Project–Migrating Legacy Systems to SAP Systems

Lakshmi Sowjanya Sagiraju, St. Cloud State University

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my advisor Dr. Ben Baliga for his support, guidance and cooperation for guiding me in my capstone project. Dr. Ben Baliga has always been a great source of motivation and encouragement and also immense pool of knowledge who guided me in every step during my study at St. Cloud State University. He has been most generous and understanding with his time to read this paper carefully and make insightful comments and suggestions.

I would also like to thank Dr. Hiral Shah for she has always given her insightful thoughts and recommendations to provide in-depth knowledge of subjects and Dr. Gary Nierengarten for his guidance and encouragement throughout the entire study. I am grateful to the Engineering Management program for providing the best resources available. On last note to conclude, I thank all my friends and family for all their guidance and support for the successful completion of my Master’s program.


It has become extremely important for companies to adapt and survive to withstand competition in this highly competitive era. Since globalization of markets and competition are ever intensifying, there had been increased efforts of organizations to adapt change. This project was implemented to performance test the migration of legacy Customer Information System (CIS) to SAP systems. The purpose of performance testing was to ensure that the new solution can meet CIS baseline processing and performance requirements. The performance test focused on high customer volume areas that place the greatest load upon the new solution and organization. Performance testing was where the peak estimated transaction volumes were simulated, tables were populated beyond expected capacity in a ‘near-to’ production environment. Overloading was not always necessary but the stated limits of the solution hardware and software infrastructure must be tested to ensure reliability and to detect faulty equipment.