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Submissions from 2015


Temperature dependent c-axis hole mobilities in rubrene single crystals determined by time-of-flight, Russell L. Lidberg, Tom J. Pundsack, Neale O. Haugen, Lucas R. Johnstone, and C. Daniel Frisbie


The V471 Tauri System: A Multi-Data-Type Probe, Todd R. Vaccaro, Robert E. Wilson, W. Van Hamme, and Dirk Terrell

Submissions from 2010


Distance to U Pegasi by the DDE Algorithm, Todd R. Vaccaro, Dirk Terrell, and Robert E. Wilson

Submissions from 2007


LP 133-373: A New Chromospherically Active Eclipsing dMe Binary with a Distant, Cool White Dwarf Companion, Todd R. Vaccaro, A. Kawka, T. D. Oswalt, I. Silver, M. Wood, and J. Allyn Smith

Submissions from 2003


Fluorescence in ultraviolet active binaries: the case of FF Aquarii, Todd R. Vaccaro and R. E. Wilson

Submissions from 2002


Fluorescence and Chromospheric Activity of V471 Tau, Todd R. Vaccaro and Robert E. Wilson