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A distance is found for the W UMa type binary U Pegasi, with a newly modified version of the Wilson-Devinney program (W-D) that makes use of the direct distance estimation (DDE) algorithm. The reported distance of d=123.6pc is an average based on solutions for B and V data and a primary star temperature of 5800K. Standardized light curves (not differential), radial velocities, and a spectroscopic primary star temperature are input to the program. Differential corrections were performed for each light curve band along with the velocities for two primary temperatures that span 100K. Log10d is a model parameter like many others that are adjustable in W-D. The eclipsing binary distance agrees with theHipparcos parallax distance and is more precise.


This article was originally published as:

Vaccaro, T. R., D. Terrell, and R. E. Wilson (2010). "Distance to U Pegasi by the DDE Algorithm" in Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series 435, Binaries – Key to Comprehension of the Universe.

The article was subsequently made available through the SAO/NASA Astrophysical Data Service.



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