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Open-source electronics are electrical circuits and devices whose designs are released to the public by the designers, so others may modify and improve them. Using open-source data acquisition electronics in laboratory physics will dramatically reduce the cost of laboratory electronics and empower instructors to develop new laboratory activities, demonstrations and exploratory projects with students. This workshop will improve participants' understanding of open-source electronics and their applications in laboratory physics. Many laboratory physics sensors and open-source devices will be introduces and demonstrated. The workshop provides hands-on experiences in projects using laboratory physics sensors with an award-winning, low-cost, open-source electronic data acquisition platform. Attendees will acquire skills in circuit construction, soldering, computer programming and interfacing with sensors through these projects. Participants must bring a laptop. The can take home the open-source devices they use during the workshop.


NOTICE: This is the author's PowerPoint presentation from a workshop presented at the American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting held in Minneapolis, MN, on 26-30 July 2014.

To facilitate use, the PowerPoint is available as a full download (17 Mb) or as individual "chapters."

LIU_AAPT_2014_ch1.pptx (12697 kB)
Introduction and Chapter 1: Open Source Electronics

LIU_AAPT_2014_ch2.pptx (886 kB)
Chapter 2: Programming

LIU_AAPT_2014_ch3.pptx (2931 kB)
Chapter 3: Sensors

LIU_AAPT_2014_ch4.pptx (416 kB)
Chapter 4: OSPL

LIU_AAPT_2014_ch5-6.pptx (1433 kB)
Chapter 5-6: A Few Applications and Discussion & Opportunities