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Research Study

Publication Date

Spring 2018


The Department of Campus Involvement (DCI) at St. Cloud State University (SCSU) engages students in transformational experiences that impact individual and community success. This project researches the frequency of attendance by students at events organized by DCI. The data set includes information on undergraduate students who attended at least one event at SCSU from September 2013 to December 2017.

This research began with data from card swipe readers at campus events. The timestamp data was combined with a dataset of demographic information and analyzed to yield insights about student attendance. Over the whole time period, about 13 events were attended by students in the data set. Looking at demographic information, students of color and international students had the highest overall average attendance at about 14 events attended. Females had a slightly higher average attendance than males and also made up of about 58% of the population of students in the data set. Students who were taking more credits also attended more events overall. Lastly, looking at the term (semester) of residence, those who lived on campus generally attended more events than those who did not, with the exception of term 2. This might be the case for both credits and on campus residence because those who spend more time on campus are more inclined to go to events. This was not the case for those who lived on campus for two semesters, as two semesters had a slightly lower average attendance at about nine events attended. The second semester or the spring months of the year, had the least overall total attendance based on the data set.


Edited by Shaya Kraut