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Spring 2014


This infographic on student engagement was designed to inform and assist faculty and administration.


Supervised by Judy Kilborn.

Data collected by David Robinson.

I spoke to Sandy Johnson about the VALUE Rubric for QL. She thinks that it has some good characteristics, but is too complicated and should be simplified into a form that students can comprehend. I agree with her.

I agree with you that learning to do some basic graphs and summaries does little to enhance quantitative literacy. Learning to read and interpret the graphs and summaries is more important. My idea in the book is to present statistical information to students, and ask them to synthesize and write about it. To me, the important key to understanding statistical concepts is to be able to verbalize them and write about them in an understandable form. This will be a point of emphasis, though it is different from how most QL books approach statistical topics right now.

I plan to use Excel as the only software required for the manuscript, so I was heartened to read what you said about that.

So you know, the title of my manuscript (“our” manuscript, because I have a co-author) will be “Casino Stats” or something like that. All statistical concepts will be presented through the lens of understanding different features about casinos – the games, the gambling, the hotels, the restaurants, the overall management. Our hope is that this kind of topic will attract interest in students who are otherwise turned off by math and statistics. It will be low level, so there won’t be any elaborate gaming strategies to beat the house. But the concepts will enhance quantitative thinking in students who take them in.

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