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Special Education: M.S.


Special Education


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Bradley J. Kaffar

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Jennifer E. Christensen

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William Lepkowski

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Video self-modeling, challenging behaviors, video feedback, young people


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While working as a teacher, we met hundreds of students presenting various behaviors at school. Some of them show exemplary behaviors, otherwise others present opposite behaviors. Some students get along with peer groups or teachers, while others have trouble with building good relationships.

Young people with disabilities have trouble with displaying challenging behaviors during their school days because of lacking social skills.

To improve their social deficit, various social skill intervention or social skill trainings could be implemented. Video modeling is widely used regardless of having disabilities and what category of disability is diagnosed.

There are several techniques under the video modelig such as video modeling others as models, video self-modeling, or video feedback.

After reviewing four meta-analysis of video self-modeling, and nine experimental design using video self-modeling or video feedback to students with emotional/behvaioral disorder and autism spectrum disorder, I found implementing video self-modeling is effective and valuable to improve peer relationship, decrease inappropriate behvavior, and improve academic success.



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