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Special Education: M.S.


Special Education


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Marc Marquell

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Frances Kayona

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teamwork, attitudes, perceptions


The review of literature in Chapter 2 includes 16 studies, all containing participants who identified as members within an interdisciplinary team. This review examines the connection between how team members’ attitudes toward, and behaviors within a team influence its effectiveness. It has been said these views can greatly influence the quality of services and outcomes for the students and families served (Gallagher et al., 2009). This review provides insight into the teaming process, what essentials are required for effective team functioning, and those that are most problematic. Additional research pertaining to this topic was explored outside the field of education to offer further insight into the teaming process as a global concept. Areas explored were business, psychology, and healthcare. In addition, various keyword combinations were used to locate suitable and applicable studies: teamwork, special education, collaboration, interdisciplinary, attitudes, perceptions, leadership, disabilities, job satisfaction, support, job autonomy, team climate, and personnel.



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