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Special Education: M.S.


Special Education


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Jennifer Christensen

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Bradley Kaffar

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Creative Commons License
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This study looks at three kindergarten and first-grade students that all qualify under the category of Emotional or Behavioral Disorders. These students spend the majority of their day in the special education resource room. They are all on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and at a federal setting III. These students have all displayed a difficult time with following directions, staying on task, and coping age-appropriately. this paper discusses their individual needs more in the participants' section in chapter two. The focus of this paper will be Chapter 4 in Conscious Discipline; Composure which is included in the second component, Safety. “Composure is self-regulation in action. It is the prerequisite skill adults need before disciplining children” (Bailey, 2015). The main focus in this chapter that will be implemented is creating a safe space for students and teaching breathing techniques to reduce and manage stress, which then leads to the coping skills. The focus will be tracking the number of verbal prompts from an adult the students need to appropriately cope with the situation that has them escalated or in the blue, yellow or red zone. This study is a single subject with multiple baselines. The findings were positive, however with only 3 participants there was no test of inferential statistics to test if there was a statistically significant difference.



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