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Zambia is a landlocked country in south central Africa. While its only official language is English, seven other languages are recognized as national languages. In addition, many other local languages are used. In education, however, not all Zambian languages are taught as subjects or used as mediums of instruction. This paper reviews the history of languages and their use in the educational system in Zambia. After considering what was done in the past, the current policies are examined. Finally, a Game Theory analysis is used to predict what kind of language of education policy would be most agreed upon in contemporary Zambia.

Faculty Supervisor

Professor Ettien Koffi

Author Bio

Rebekah Gordon graduated from the SCSU Master’s in TESL program in May 2013. She completed her undergraduate degree in special education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After that, she spent two years teaching English in Incheon, South Korea and discovered her passion for language teaching. She hopes to teach abroad again in either Africa or Asia. When not studying, Rebekah enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities, especially bicycling, inline skating, sewing, and crossword puzzles.



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