The purpose of this paper is to provide examples of phonetic transcriptions using acoustical data and analyze the pronunciation of fricatives in running speech. Using Praat—a phonetic analysis program—and voice recordings, a (slightly modified) standardized script was accurately transcribed into IPA, the International Phonetic Alphabet. Using the same data, an in-depth analysis on fricatives of a native speaker of General American English (GAE) showed the speaker whispered during the recordings. This is supported by numerical data of several acoustic correlates, the primary correlates being intensity and voicing. The intensity of all fricatives was lower than a standard GAE speaker by an average of 14 dB and normalized within 4 dB. On average, all fricatives were produced as voiceless or devoiced.

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Joshua Wallin is an undergraduate student with an intended major of Physics Education. He has lived most of his life in Minnesota but has traveled around the United States and locations abroad, such as Egypt and Japan. He plans to teach physics or astrophysics at the high school or university level. His love for physics guided him into the field of acoustic phonetics. He can be reached via his school e-mail at: jawallin@stcloudstate.edu or his personal e-mail at: ihallesnailo@gmail.com



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