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Raymond Haberman Oral History (Part 2 of 2)


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Biographical Information:

Raymond N. Haberman was born March 23, 1913 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Haberman sold ice for a while, spending all of his earned money that he could on rebuilding airplanes. He built and flew planes, most of the time without a license, until he had a heart attack and lost the pilot’s license he had finally earned. When he could, he flew with his wife Marguerite Langevin Haberman. Haberman passed away on August 9, 1993 and buried at the St. Mary’s Cemetery in North St. Paul, Minnesota.

Transcript Summary:

Raymond N. Haberman described his life as a self-made pilot and his work with aircraft restoration. Haberman said the first airplane that he built was a Pieteripol model. His mother thought thought it a waste of time while his grandmother believed he had amazing skill. He remembered as a teenager listening to the reports on the radio about Charles Lindbergh’s flight over the Atlantic Ocean as it happened. He began flying with friends a few hours at a time, and flew with his wife and friends around Minnesota, all without a license. Haberman discussed all of the different types of planes that he would rebuild on his own, as well as those he helped pilot friends rebuild. He described having his own hanger in Wisconsin and all the time he spent in it over the years. He recalled becoming friends with several WWII veterans, and flying with them from St. Paul. Throughout the rest of the interview, Haberman discussed the different pilot groups that he could remember from Minnesota to Florida, and all of his friends that he considered doing amazing things both on the ground and in the sky.

Interview by Daniel Ryan


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Part 1 is also in the Repository @ St. Cloud State.

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Raymond Haberman oral history interview transcript Part 2 of 2

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