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St. Cloud State University generates an annual economic impact of $519 million from its operations in the Central region. Based on the Central region economy of $14.2 billion, this means that for every $100 produced in the region, $4 are directly or indirectly related to St. Cloud State University. The direct impact of the university in 2011 was $349 million, while the indirect impact in other industries was $170 million.

Similarly, during 2011 the university and its students generated an estimated 6,579 jobs in the Central region. These jobs included an estimated 5,060 direct jobs, and 1,519 additional indirect jobs, created by vendors, contractors, and businesses supplying inputs to the university and its students.

Additionally, by educating its students, St. Cloud State University enhances the productivity of both public and private organizations in Minnesota. Only considering the 3,284 degrees awarded by St. Cloud State University in 2011, this is equivalent to $586 million of future value created in the state.

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