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atmcs_v2n12_drug-forecast.pdf (796 kB)
NIJ Drug Use Forecasting 1991 Annual Report

atmcs_v2n12_GA-atm-bill.pdf (1250 kB)
Georgia ATM Security Bill (Senate Bill 355)

atmcs_v2n12_IL-class-action-dismiss.pdf (3045 kB)
Illinois Appellate Court affirms lower court dismissal of class action suit alleging negligent security at cash station ATMs

atmcs_v2n12_Jersey City-ordinance.pdf (1648 kB)
Jersey City Ordinance requiring added security measures at ATM facilities

atmcs_v2n12_litigation-for-neglig.pdf (2123 kB)
Evaluating the outcome of litigation for negligence at back ATMs by Mark B. Rosen

atmcs_v2n12_NJ-proposal.pdf (197 kB)
New Jersey Senate Bill (530) requiring the installation of video cameras at ATMs

atmcs_v2n12_NYC-task-force.pdf (631 kB)
New York City Press Release, December 23, 1992