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Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research

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Summer 2008


Every two minues a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer. In recent years, one method to identify potential chemotherapeutic agents has been the mass screening of natural products of cytotoxicity. One compound discovered in this manner was goniothalamin. Gonothalamin was isolated from the dried stem bark of the plant Goniothalamus sesuipedalis and exhibits cell specific anticancer activity against breast cancer. Goniothalamin has been extensively studies and a large number of synthetic analogues have been prepared in an attempt to determine the structural features necessary for bioactivity. These studies have focused primarily on the manipulation of goniothalmin's styryl substituent. The focus of this research is on the lactone core of goniothalamin. Analogues have been prepared that replace the lactone ring with lactam. It is anticipated that alteration of the lactam nitrogen substituent will potentially lead to analogues with better bioavailability and reactivity than the natural product.


NOTE: This is a PDF of the article as originally published in the Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research. It is archived here with the kind permission of the publisher. The original version was published as:

Mechelke, Mark F., and Allissa A. Dillman (2008). "The Design and Synthesis of Novel Goniothalamin Analogues." Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research, Vol. 7, No. 3. Available to subscribers at

NOTE: Allissa A. Dillman was a student enrolled in CHEM 489 - Independent Study and conducted the research for this article under the guidance of Dr. Mark Mechelke.

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