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Criminal Justice: M.S.


Criminal Justice


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Dr. Lee Gilbertson

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Dr. Shawn Williams

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Dr. Phyllis Greenburg

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Creative Commons License
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Elder Financial exploitation is being referred to as the “crime of the 21st century due to its yearly increase in losses and rate of victimization, with the estimated loss ranging from $2.9 billion to $36.5 billion annually. This research was conducted to better understand the type of scams that elders fall victim to, what is being done to help stop these crimes and assist elders, as well as the prevalence of victimization and limitations of current laws and legislation. This integrative research was conducted utilizing online databases and peer-reviewed research to obtain the relevant details of this thesis. Results from research using online methods revealed that the true scope of elder financial exploitation is not known. This is especially relevant in the amount of annual losses, as well as rates of victimization which indicate that only 1 in 24 cases of elder abuse are even reported.