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This PowerPoint presentation consists of 17 slides. Each slide contains a textual overview and a video of a therapist-client interaction for each step in brief MSWO assessment.

The embedded videos are large; the overall size of this PowerPoint presentation is 296 Mb. As a consequence, downloading this file can take 10 minutes or more depending upon connection.

To improve download performance, the presentation has been separated into individual slides, retaining the video, audio, and audio transcription. The individual slides are listed at the bottom of this page.

MSWO_about.pptx (750 kB)
MSWO: About

MSWO_steps1-2.pptx (22790 kB)
MSWO: Steps 1-2

MSWO_steps3-4.pptx (6534 kB)
MSWO: Steps 3-4

MSWO_step5.pptx (8675 kB)
MSWO: Step 5

MSWO_step6.pptx (9326 kB)
MSWO: Step 6

MSWO_step7.pptx (22205 kB)
MSWO: Step 7

MSWO_step8.pptx (8702 kB)
MSWO: Step 8

MSWO_step9.pptx (6396 kB)
MSWO: Step 9

MSWO_step10.pptx (10967 kB)
MSWO: Step 10

MSWO_step11.pptx (13193 kB)
MSWO: Step 11

MSWO_step12.pptx (533 kB)
MSWO: Step 12

MSWO_step13.pptx (71102 kB)
MSWO: Step 13

MSWO_step14.pptx (677 kB)
MSWO: Step 14

MSWO_steps15-16.pptx (815 kB)
MSWO: Steps 15-16

MSWO_conclusion.pptx (114801 kB)
MSWO: Summary and Conclusion