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Computer Science: M.S.


Computer Science and Information Technology


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Jie Hu Meichsner

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Ezzat Kirmani

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Mark Schmidt

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License.

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ASP.NET Core, Cross Platform


Cross platform software development is a practice of developing an application which can be run on more than one OS platform such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc. Today’s web application development trend is moving towards cross platform frameworks as we can see that the types of web application we build today are very different from the ones we used to build a decade ago. With the rise of cloud-based systems, mobile technologies, and extensive web interactive environments, web applications today are becoming more dynamic and consequently the web application development process have made tremendous advances. Web applications are expected to be highly performant and scalable. To address the rapidly changing web development landscape and performance scalability requirements there is a need of a powerful framework. ASP.NET Core is one such framework which incorporates modern approach for building web applications. It provides cross-platform capabilities i.e. having a single code base for the application and running it on different platforms. It also provides high performance and modular infrastructure.

This report presents a software development process of cross platform web application in which it explains design, development and deployment of ASP.NET Core web application. A timesheet management system which is developed as a part of this project, helps to manage timesheet operations of an organization and provides efficient way to track time used by employees in various projects and their time offs. The application is called MyTime. It is built utilizing ASP.NET Core MVC Framework and Entity Framework Core which is deployed on two platforms; Windows and Linux. This report describes the detail steps of deployment for both platforms. It provides an overall idea of how ASP.NET Core framework can be utilized to build a web application with cross platform capabilities.



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