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Jie Hu Meichsner

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Omar Al-Azzam

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Ezzat Kirmani

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Application development has always been a complex process. An application, once developed, also needs to be maintained and enhanced to add new requirements. Traditionally the application has been a monolithic entity. Different components in the application are tightly coupled and making a change has always been challenging. Microservice architecture breaks away from this monolithic approach and arranges the different functionalities as services. In a microservice architecture, individual services are developed to perform one function only.

This report demonstrates the application development process using the Microservice architecture. It explains the design, development, and deployment of a Microservice-based application. Market Place is an e-commerce application that consists of a collection of microservices working together to provide a buyer and seller platform to individuals. This application will allow sellers to showcase their products on this platform. The application consists of the following microservices: Product Microservice, Order Microservice, UI Microservice, and database Microservice. Similarly, the buyers can connect with the sellers directly in this application. This application is developed using the Spring Microservice framework, the services are hosted in Kubernetes. Docker is used for the containerization of services.



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