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Date of Award


Culminating Project Type

Starred Paper



Degree Name

Computer Science: M.S.


Computer Science and Information Technology


School of Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Sarnath Ramnath

Second Advisor

Andrew A Anda

Third Advisor

Maninder Singh

Fourth Advisor

Greg S Jorgensen

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License.

Keywords and Subject Headings

Adaptive, Architecture, Education, Multi-agent, Software System


An intelligent educational system must constitute an adaptive system built on multi-agent system architecture. The multi-agent architecture component provides self-organization, self-direction, and other control functionalities that are crucially important for an educational system. On the other hand, the adaptiveness of the system is necessary to provide customization, diversification, and interactional functionalities. Therefore, an educational system architecture that integrates multi-agent functionality [50] with adaptiveness can offer the learner the required independent learning experience. An educational system architecture is a complex structure with an intricate hierarchal organization where the functional components of the system undergo sophisticated and unpredictable internal interactions to perform its function. Hence, the system architecture must constitute adaptive and autonomous agents differentiated according to their functions, called multi-agent systems (MASs). The research paper proposes an adaptive hierarchal multi-agent educational system (AHMAES) [51] as an alternative to the traditional education delivery method. The document explains the various architectural characteristics of an adaptive multi-agent educational system and critically analyzes the system’s factors for software quality attributes.


My special heartfelt thanks go to my academic advisor, Professor Ramnath Sarnath. Thank you for not giving up on me quickly. A warm thank you go to my committee members, professors Andrew A Anda, Maninder Singh, and Instructional Technology Specialist Mr. Greg Jorgensen, who served as committee members on the Starred paper. All other individuals in the Computer Science & Information Technology department who tirelessly assisted me in giving me the golden opportunity to work on this research topic, "A Multi-Agent Architecture For An Intelligent Web-Based Educational System." I also want to express my special gratitude to my sisters Aster Daba Erba, Zewuditu Daba Erba, Adanech Daba Erba, and Gilenesh Tadesse Gemechu, who encouraged me and stood by my side throughout my academic career.



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