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A method for measuring a mechanical property of a subject includes using an ultrasound transducer to apply ultrasonic vibration pulses to a location in a subject in order to induce shear waves at multiple prescribed orthogonal frequencies in the subject. The ultrasound transducer is directed by an excitation signal that is composed of multiple orthogonal basis functions, each having a given frequency component corresponding to the prescribed orthogonal frequencies. The power level of each orthogonal basis function is independently adjustable. The excitation signal can be sparsely sampled, or portions of the excitation signal can be removed in order to improve tissue vibration and to provide for the interleaving ultrasonic vibration and detection pulses. Ultrasonic detection pulses are applied to at least one motion detection point, from which echo signals are received. From the received echo signals, a motion signal is determined, from which mechanical properties of the subject are calculated.

Patent No.: US 8,602,994

Date of Patent: Dec 20, 2013

Filed: Mar 9, 2010

Int. Cl.: A61B 8/00 (2006.01); G01H 1/00 (2006.01)

U.S. Cl.: 600/438; 73/579

CPC Cl.: G01S 7/52022 (2013.01); A61B 8/485 (2013.01); G01S 15/8952 (2013.01); G01S 7/52036 (2013.01)

Field of Search: ;600/437,443 ;702/19,22 ;382/260 ;345/441,501,552 ;73/574,579,587,609


Also online at US 8602994.



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