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Aerial Whipple Holes Oral History


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Biographical Information:

Ariel Whipple Holes was born on November 4, 1903 in Minneapolis Minnesota, and lived in a variety of different locations throughout the United States, before moving to St. Cloud at the age of 19. She attended St. Cloud State University but never graduated, and briefly worked as a school teacher before meeting her future husband Wilber Holes. They married on February 29, 1925. The couple had four children together. Ariel and Wilber owned their own business (Holes-Webway), and both played an active role in developing St. Cloud throughout the mid-20th century. This included the expansion of the St. Cloud State campus and the construction of local infrastructure, among other endeavors. Ariel outlived her husband (who died on August 9, 1970) and passed away on February 3, 1989. She is buried in North Star Cemetery in St. Cloud.

Transcript Summary:

In an interview conducted on June 22, 1978, Ariel Whipple Holes discussed her life, that of her late husband Wilber Warren Holes, and as residents of the St. Cloud area. She frequently discussed the business ventures of her husband, who worked in a variety of different professions, including at a granite company, in advertisement, the military, and eventually as a business owner. She also spoke at length about the challenges that the Holes family experienced during the Great Depression, such as a sharp decline in their income and purchasing power in the 1930s and the loss of four of their eight children due to miscarriages. However, Ariel also emphasized the couple’s interest in supporting their community with St. Cloud State and the local chamber of commerce. Through this work, she and Wilber helped to finance projects like the construction of new bridges and expansion of the St. Cloud State University campus.

Interview conducted by John LeDoux and Mark Stone


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Aerial Whipple Holes oral history interview transcript

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