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Myron R. Allen Oral History


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Biographical Information:

Myron R. Allen (December 23, 1901-May 12, 1993), was born in Pine County, Minnesota. He lived in Pine City early in life. After attending the University of Minnesota in 1927, he settled in Aitkin, Minnesota. His wife was Edna May Allen.

Allen served on the board of directors of the R.P. Allen Company, the General Minnesota Utilities Company and Minnesota Investors Corporations. His father, Reuben P. Allen, was the pioneer who formed the R.P. Allen Company.

Transcript Summary:

In an interview conducted on July 18, 1975, Allen discussed the history of Eastern Minnesota Power Company, General Minnesota Utilities, and R. P. Allen Company that served Minnesota farms and the general development of electrical power in Central Minnesota. Allen was formerly associated with these power companies and several other affiliated firms. All of the firms were engaged in the construction, financing, and operation of electric power lines and service in a wide area of east and north central Minnesota. The interview primarily concerned the operation financing of the companies, with comments regarding the Allen family, local history, and the effect of the Depression on the electric utilities generally.

Interviewed by James Fogerty


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Myron R. Allen oral history interview transcript

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