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Everette Moberg Oral History


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Everette Moberg was born in Taylor Falls, Minnesota, in 1893. He attended grade school there before studying at the University of Minnesota. He then briefly served in the armed forces as a stretcher bearer during World War I. Following his stint in the military, Moberg returned to Taylor Falls and worked in a variety of careers throughout his adult life, including as a farmer, lumberjack, and most notably as a banker, a position that he occupied for the better part of 35 years.

Transcript Summary:

In an interview conducted on June 29, 1973, Everette Moberg discussed his life as a resident of Taylor Falls, Minnesota, and shared some of the region’s history. Moberg noted that prior to the establishment of Taylor Falls, the area had long been contested by members of the Dakota and Chippewa nations, and was also inhabited by French fur traders at various points in time. For his part, Moberg noted that he was born and raised in the area, and that aside from spending a few years outside of the community when he attended the University of Minnesota and during his World War I military service. Most of his youth and adult life was spent living and working within Taylor Falls, primarily as a banker for 35 years.

Interview conducted by Thomas Przibrilla


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Everette Moberg oral history interview transcript

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