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Eldred Peters Oral History


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Eldred Peters was born and raised in Cold Spring, Minnesota, in 1902, to a family of German immigrants. Peters attended college at the University of St. Thomas and the University of Minnesota but later chose to emulate his father and brother by working as a butcher and grocer. Aside from his work, Peters also dedicated much of his spare time to organizations like the Boy Scouts, Juvenile Foresters, and the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce, while he played for the Cold Spring baseball team for many years. Peters also married his wife Frencella Olmscheid in 1943, and the couple had one son together. Eldred died on May 15, 1988 and is buried in the St. Boniface Cemetery in Cold Spring, Minnesota.

Transcript Summary:

In an interview conducted on August 19, 1976, Eldred Peters discussed his time as a lifelong resident of Cold Spring, Minnesota. Peters noted that he was born in Cold Spring in 1902 into a family of German immigrants. While much of the local community regularly spoke German throughout his childhood (particularly within local schools), this practice was discontinued as a result of World War I and the wave of anti-German sentiment nationwide. Peters also mentioned that despite attending college at St. Thomas and the University of Minnesota, he chose to support his father and brother with their grocery store, a business that he acquired ownership later in life. Aside from his work and education, Peters discussed his involvement with a variety of different local organizations, and acknowledged his fondness for baseball, which he played as a member of the Cold Spring baseball team.

Interview conducted by John Decker


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