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Esther Sorensen and Josephine Sorensen Krogh Oral History


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Biographical Information:

Esther Sorenson was born on October 24, 1899 in Clinton Iowa and relocated to Askov, Minnesota. Josephine Krogh was born on July 14, 1909 in Askov, Minnesota. Both Sorenson and Krogh were born into Danish immigrant families that supported themselves through work as dairy farmers, which choose to settle permanently in Askov thanks to the large Danish population.

Transcript Summary:

In an interview conducted on October 28, 1980, Esther Sorenson and Josephine Krogh discussed their lives within the community of Askov, Minnesota, and the broader history of the community. Sorenson and Krogh noted that Askov was established circa 1905 by Danish immigrants. Their families were drawn to the community due to their own Danish heritage. Both families worked as dairy farmers, yet that the town had local industries for employment, including a hardware store, a blacksmith’s shop, a saw mill, two grocery stores, a creamery, and a post office. Sorenson and Krogh also noted that Danish culture played an important role in defining Askov as a distinct community. Their church services and school functions were conducted entirely in Danish. The community regularly celebrated various Danish folk holidays such as “Nastelavms,” which they identified as a kind of “Danish Mardi Gras”.

Interview conducted by Calvin Gower and Alan Nielsen


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Esther Sorensen and Josephine Sorensen Krogh oral history transcript

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