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Harold L. Fisher Oral History


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Biographical Information:

Harold L. Fisher was born on February 25, 1905 in Saint Joseph, Missouri, to Joseph C. Fisher and Minnie Gertrude Seley. His maternal grandparents and great grandparents were originally from Pennsylvania. And his paternal grandparents were from Prague, Bohemia. He married Mabel Johanna Hansen on September 25, 1934. He was a former postmaster (1950-1970) and mayor (1971-1977?) of Royalton, Minnesota. Fisher was involved in the St. Paul Lutheran Church, 4-H, Lutheran Senior Citizens’ Home, St. Otto’s Home and St. Mary’s Villa. He also authored a book entitled The Land Called Morrison, as well as a history of the Royalton post office. With wife Mabel, Fisher had four children – Joan, Bill, Tom, and Conrad. Fisher passed away on December 25, 1984 and is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Royalton, Minnesota.

Transcript Summary:

In an interview conducted on March 31, 1978, Harold Fisher discussed his ancestors, especially how his maternal grandparents came from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by traveling the Erie Canal, Chicago, and then Iowa. They were farmers with 160 acres of land and he talks about how they planted corn it all by hand with their children. And he also mentioned that his paternal grandparents were originally from Prague, Bohemia and came to Iowa during 1856. Fisher discussed his parents and how they moved to Missouri (where he was born), then coming to Minnesota. Harold took pride being born in St. Joseph, Missouri as it was where the Pony Express first started in 1860s. His family bought lands in Rice, Minnesota where they farmed corn. Fisher then recalled how he had to give up those farm lands and many of his assets to the Federal Land Bank during the Great Depression in 1930s. He vividly remembered World War I when 24 year old brother went to serve. Fisher recalled how he wished he was older so he could have joined too. He was the postmaster and mail carrier for Royalton during 1950s and became mayor in 1971. Fisher described how he became interested in history and writing, authoring books entitled History of 100 Years in the Post Office, The Platter River Settlement, and The Land called Morrison. He also talked about the populations and ethnicities around Royalton area and its development as well as the history of Morrison County and its first European settlers. He also touched on local churches, Prohibition, and the effects of the Great Depression.

Interviewed by John LeDoux


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Harold Fisher oral history interview transcript

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