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Curriculum Unit on the Gilded Age in the United States

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High School 9-12



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This lesson will include the students teaching about the technology of the Gilded Age to a classroom of middle school students. The lesson will be one week in length and is designed for an AP US History Class. This information is important for students to know because students can begin to grasp how much is different in today’s society compared to the Gilded Age. It is also important to link back how much changed during this time period with the new innovations and inventions that came about. During the lesson, I would like the students to be thinking like teachers when crafting their lessons for the middle school students. They will accomplish this by preparing their lesson plan and researching into the technology of the Gilded Age.

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lesson plan, Gilded Age, innovations


Curriculum and Instruction | United States History


Adapted by Kayla Peterson from a lesson by Debra J. Coffey, "Exploring Cross-Age Tutoring Activities with Lewis and Clark."

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The Gilded Age and Technological Innovations



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