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Curriculum Unit on the Gilded Age in the United States

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High School 9-12



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This lesson is a discussion based on packets that students have been filling out throughout the course of the unit. These packets call for students to analyze certain legislation enacted by Congress during the Gilded Age: The Pendleton Civil Service Act 1883, The Interstate Commerce Act, The Sherman Silver Purchase Act, The Sherman Antitrust Act, the Gold Standard Act, the Dawes Act, and the Chinese Exclusion Act. By asking my students to answer these questions (Who? What? Why?), I am incorporating the following History Habits of Mind: "Perceive events and issues as they were experienced by people at the time, to develop historical empathy as opposed to present-mindedness."

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lesson plan, Gilded Age, legislation


Curriculum and Instruction | United States History


Adapted by Olivia Lee-Benton from a lesson created by Jacob Hillesheim.

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