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Dennis C. Fields

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Steven Koyama

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Lowell A. Mortrude

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The problem of this study was to determine the computer literacy competencies required for teachers to utilize microcomputers in the Sioux Falls Public Schools.

The Sioux Falls School District had made a significant invest­ment in microcomputer equipment between 1977 and 1983. Staff development classes were developed to introduce teachers to the use of microcomputers in the classroom. It was necessary to assess, however, whether the courses being taught were consistent with each other and whether they were comprehensive in content. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to provide data and information concerning the following: (1) the competencies necessary for teachers to be considered computer literate, (2) the characteristics of successful staff development plans, (3) the content of the District's staff development program on computers, (4) the principles of instructional design, (5) the affect teacher's attitudes about computers had on their use of computers in the classroom.


The following three sources of information were used in the study: (1) a review of recent literature on staff development and microcomputers, (2) an analysis of existing District microcomputer inservice programs, (3) a survey of participants in existing District microcomputer inservice programs. The survey was selected to determine participants' knowledge and attitudes about computers. The information from the three sources was compiled, studied and summarized.


The information indicated that the District's existlng staff development courses on computers were appropriate in content. However, classes should utilize a variety of instructional resources and methods, be flexible enough to accommodate participants with differing entry-level skills and assure the success of all participants. Follow-up assistance should be provided to the staff to support their use of computers in the classroom. On-going needs assessments and evaluation of existing courses should enable courses to help staff reach District goals for instructional computing.

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