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Research Study

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Fall 1985


The Minnesota Housing Report is compiled on the basis of monthly housing reports furnished to the Minnesota Real Estate Research Center at St. Cloud State University. Funding to permit preparation of the Minnesota Housing Report is provided by the Educational Foundation of the Minnesota Association of Realtors and St. Cloud State University.

The reports are supplied by fourteen cooperating local real estate boards representing 71.1 percent of Minnesota's population. The boards represent various areas of the state and thus provide a picture of housing diversity between regions as well as housing trends within regions.

Information presented for the state or a particular region is based on actual listings of homes for sale, financing, size and sales of single family residential property. The figures presented are not adjusted for seasonal variation in real estate housing activity.

Due to additional participating boards, third quarter report data is not directly comparable to information presented in the second quarter report. All prior data has been adjusted to reflect additional information provided. Reference to prior quarters contained in the third quarter report is directly comparable to third quarter data.


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From 4th quarter of 1985