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Implementation of Warehouse Management and Work Force Tools

Saikrisna Gali


The Client is a leading global provider of agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality. As a pioneer of biotechnology, it has consistently led the race in the R & D of new products and technology to meet the world’s growing food needs, conserve natural resources, and protect the environment, client end users Implemented SAP ERP software that meet business needs in a single instance. An estimated 12000 work orders in 15 plants worldwide all processed with paper. Client is looking for reliable solution to track and manage over 25000 valuable assets with high value of precision and accuracy.

Over 15 large sites worldwide with diverse applications needs, including work order, calibration, inventory, inspections and asset management. Deployed Work Force and Asset Management, now 900 users use smart mobile solutions on handheld devices to perform maintenance, calibrations and inventory work. Results will cut overall work order activities and shortened cycle time, eliminates all paper processing activities saving over 175,000 man hours per year. Drastically reduces pre mobile paper backlog from 2 weeks to 2 hours, gives technicians the ability to see all history, inventory levels and safety guidelines. Within a year, reduced workflow administrative costs from $8.00 to $4.00.