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Engineering: M.E.M


Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


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Dr Hiral Shah

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Dr Ben Baliga

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Dr Balasubramanian Kasi

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The Client XYZ is a leader in developing new advanced products for the manufacturing of pharma ingredients and intermediates to provide complete value to its valuable customers and is built across 1,500 acres which consists of 29 production blocks which actively produce pharma ingredients. The client’s research team is specialized in process design for new drug candidates, development up to gram/kilo scale, structural elucidation, impurity profile studies, process validation, process justification, process optimization, analytical methods development and validation, environment impact analysis, safety studies and time cycle studies etc.

There are over 68 large sites worldwide with diverse applications needs including work order, calibration, inventory, inspections, and asset management. The deployed Work Force and Asset Management is now 900 users who use smart mobile solutions on handheld devices to perform operations, calibrations, and inventory work. Results will cut overall work order activities and shortened cycle time and eliminate all paper processing activities saving over 175,000 man hours per year. This drastically reduces pre mobile paper backlog from two weeks to two hours and gives technicians the ability to see all history, inventory levels, and safety guidelines. Within a year, reduced workflow administrative costs will be reduced from $8.00 to $4.00.



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