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Engineering: M.E.M


Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


College of Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Ben Baliga

Second Advisor

Hiral Shah

Third Advisor

Balasubrahmanian Kasi

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License.

Keywords and Subject Headings

DMAIC, Six Sigma, Run Rate


Synechron works for customer who is leading manufacturer of automotive navigation

system. An automotive navigation system is a satellite navigation system designed for use in

automobiles. MEXMOMA project is presently running at an average run rate of 107 Min/Km to

95 Min/Km, which is running at 70% efficiency against the customer rate of 75 Min/Km. The

objectives of the project are to Improve the current production rate from average 107 Min/Km to

average 95 Min/Km. To increase financial gains and the customer satisfaction due to increased

efficiency and more accurate map data to increase the market share and scalability. The

methodology implemented here to address the issue is DMAIC methodology to increase the

productivity and accuracy of the project. And the results of this project are production run rate

was improved from 107 Min/Km to 94.07 Min/Km, resulting efficiency improvement from 70%

to 80%, i.e., 10% improvement. Cost Benefit: 10% efficiency improvement has leaded to cast

saving of $ 37,832, two engineers for this year and received customer feedback 7/7 with

appreciation on the improvements done on the project.


I would like to thank my project guide Dr. Ben Baliga, Professor and Graduate Director

for Engineering Management Program, at St. Cloud State University for giving me an

opportunity to work under his valuable guidance, suggestions and encouragement. I am very

thankful to the management of Synechron for providing me an opportunity to work on the

project with them. A special note of thanks goes to all the faculty members of the Engineering

Management Program, for their valuable contribution towards my learning and their suggestions

to help me execute this project towards successful completion.

It gives me an immense pleasure to thank Dr. Hiral Shah, Associate Professor,

Engineering Management Program, at St. Cloud State University for her support and guidance.

Also, I would like to thank Professor Kasi Balasubrahmanian for serving on the

committee and support throughout the project.

I would like to thank my project sponsor and all the members of the project team for their

cooperation and encouragement provided by them during the period of the project.



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