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Traveling is about relaxing and not worrying about being scammed and losing money. The Internet is a wide place that is changing every day. Having a guide to navigate unknown places goes a long way to staying safe. In this paper, I have used several identifiers and provided analysis on the effectiveness of these identifiers. Travel Website fraud is a severe problem which is widespread around the world. Studies of travel scams are mainly focused on finding different ways that attacker’s targets on the innocent travelers. Now the technology is advanced and that is causing newer and newer techniques to scam people. By illustrating the techniques to find such frauds and to prevent people from getting scammed is something this paper is trying to achieve. In this paper we will look at the various problems and preventive measures that need to be taken while browsing the internet. In this paper I will be talking about the tools I have used for analyzing a website. I will also be providing the analysis of the different identifiers in finding out if a website is fake or genuine. The results and the conclusions from the analysis can then be used in designing a safe tool which can be used for keeping the internet users safer and wiser. The safe rules can be used to develop browser addons, computer applications etc.